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Project information

  • Category: Banking Soluation.
  • Client: Uttara Bank, SBAC, One Bank, Southeast Bank, Dhaka Bank, AB Bank, Union Bank.


    • Sanction Screening
    • Customer Profiling
    • Fraud Monitoring ( One to Many, Many to One)
    • Exchange house file auto parameter setup
    • Cash Incentive According to BB circular
    • Reconciliation with NRTA & NRDA Account
    • Cover fund threshold value alert
    • Complies with Bangladesh Bank Reporting Formats
    • 24/7 Transaction Service through VSL Exchange API Connection
    • 80-85% accuracy to find Proper Routing Numbers
    • Maker & Checker Concept
    • Parent-Child Agents Controller
    • Sibling Agents Controller
    • Customer tracker
    • Customer Membership
    • Complies with AML Guidelines
    • Any Agent Service
    • Multi-layered billing master
    • Bilateral Reporting Facilities
    • Zone-wise Reporting