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Welcome to Venture Solutions Ltd., where we are dedicated to providing innovative solutions to help our clients succeed in their financial goals.
Venture Solutions was founded in 2007 with a mission to simplify financial management for banks and financial business individuals. We understand the challenges that come with managing finances, from budgeting to investment decisions, and we are committed to providing software solutions that make financial management more accessible, efficient, and effective.
With more than 10 years of experience in the banking industry, including banking operations, central banking reports, compliance, and software development. We leverage this knowledge to create cutting-edge software that meets the needs of banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions of all sizes. At Venture Solutions, we believe in putting our clients first. That's why we work closely with each client to understand their unique financial goals and tailor our solutions to meet their specific needs. We also pride ourselves on being responsive and accessible, providing timely support and guidance to ensure our clients are always on the path to success.
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Our Clients



  • Centralized Banking Analytics
  • Branch Banking Analytics with Statistical View
  • Customer Portfolio Analytics and Exposure
  • Alternative Channels Data Analytics
  • Non-Performing Asset (NPA) Management
  • MIS and Accounting Analytics with Key Indicators
  • Central Bank’s Periodic Reports like SBS, CL reports
  • Reporting and Data Extraction for EDW-RIT reporting Templates.
  • Integration with Online CIB, GoAML, etc
  • Data Warehouse and Archive in RDBMS
  • ETL and Integration Tool tested with several CBS


  • Sanction Screening
  • Customer Profiling
  • Fraud Monitoring ( One to Many, Many to One)
  • Exchange house file auto parameter setup
  • Cash Incentive According to BB circular
  • Reconciliation with NRTA & NRDA Account
  • Cover fund threshold value alert
  • Complies with Bangladesh Bank Reporting Formats
  • 24/7 Transaction Service through VSL Exchange API Connection
  • 80-85% accuracy to find Proper Routing Numbers
  • Maker & Checker Concept
  • Parent-Child Agents Controller
  • Sibling Agents Controller
  • Customer tracker
  • Customer Membership
  • Complies with AML Guidelines
  • Any Agent Service
  • Multi-layered billing master
  • Bilateral Reporting Facilities
  • Zone-wise Reporting


  • 4 panels (Admin/Branch User/Customer/API)
  • EC integrated auto account opening process
  • OCR Based on NID/Smart Card data capture
  • Data verify with the NID server
  • AI integrated Live Photo Capture
  • Face matching with NID/Smart Card
  • Sanction Screening Integrated
  • Auto Customer Risk Grading
  • Digital KYC profiling
  • Built-In Email notification
  • SMS Gateway Integration
  • Admin panel with configurable features
  • Standard all API formats for Easy Integration
  • Integration with different transaction systems (CBS, MFS, ABS, etc.)

Utility Bill Collection

  • Module-Wise Bill Collection System
  • Integration with CBS
  • Integration With Bill Collection authority(WASA, DESCO)
  • Easy Reconcile Module
  • SMS & Email Notification to the customer
  • Dynamic Reporting
  • Auto Payment Notification Sending to Authority through API
  • 24 hours service for paying bills
  • The invoice with print Facility(PDF)
  • Availability of getting Duplicate Bills for past Months (Only if the payment occurred with this Platform)
  • Notification for newly generated bills & default bills every month.

Card Management

  • Credit Card Management System Integration with CIB Report Module
  • Card Requisition system for new, re-issue, or replacement.
  • Card Requisition from Branch.
  • Card re-issue/Replace with Notification from branch end SMS/Email Module.
  • New card Issue notification with SMS/e-mail module.
  • Notification system for the expired cards from the card division with SMS/e-mail Module.
  • Activation/ Block/ Lost notification with SMS/e-mail Module.
  • AUTO fees Deduction of Debit Card and Credit Card.
  • Annual Fee/ reissue/ Replace fee auto-debit from Customer Account Module.
  • Bill deposit Payment by Cash/ Mobile App – Automation Module.
  • E-Statement/e-mail/SMS and Print Version Generation Module.
  • CL Reporting Module.
  • Charge instruction Module for Debit card.
  • Closing Charge deduction Module.
  • Recovery Reporting Module.
  • Portfolio Outstanding match with Flora GL Module.
  • Activation/ Block/ Lost notification with SMS/e-mail Module.
  • Standing Instruction Executions for Bill Pay
  • IMC Reporting Module.
  • NBR Reporting Module.
  • Application Process (MIS) Module.

Indicator Management

  • Branch Performance Analysis:-

    • Human Resources involved in One-Stop Service
    • Activity & Job Volume of Branches
    • Execution Time as per CBS
    • Engaging TSOs in One-Stop Service
  • Individual Performance Analysis:-

    • Individual Performance
    • Contribution of Individuals
    • System Utilization
  • Target:-

    • Admin can set target name
    • Admin can set a target with (Division/Branch/Individual) wise
    • Admin can set a target with (Monthly/Half-Yearly/Yearly) with value as amount or number of count count
    • See target fill-up or failed in graph and table

Our Services

Banking Solution

Standard and customized banking, internet banking, mobile banking apps, and cyber security solutions. The banking sector holds the central position in the global economy. Banking Customers have started demanding flawless, multi-channel service experiences.

Software Development

Modern, intelligent, and well-developed elements are used to implement the accurate software solution that you required. We try our best to reach the goal of integrity by improving your business.


E-Commerce is the easiest and quickest way to boost your business. And e-commerce is the ‘behind’ any successful modern business also. Our team work on website development, and mobile apps solution on iOS and Android platform for making your online business better. These solutions will help you to move forward in the global market.

Mobile APP Development

Mobile app development is a practice that is surrounded by enormous challenges. Our developers build satisfiable rich native mobile apps on several platforms such as iOS, and Android to make your business comfier. We work with our creative approach.

Venture Digital

Fully digital marketing service provider tailored for the Banking sector, provides 360-degree service including SEO, SEM, SMM, SMO, AI Chatbot, Paid Ads, content creation like OVC, social media, video and image ads, web ads etc. and also email marketing, SMS marketing and push notification services are provided by us.

AI Chatbot

This is an artificial intelligence self-learning bot. It is professional. Venture AI is eager to provide better services to people on Facebook messenger. This is suitable for increasing customer experience. You can drive your customers by using our AI chatbot in your own biz such as airlines, hospitals etc.

Uttara Bank Limited

Kazi Rayhan Kabir

Devotion with utmost excellence I have noticed here at Venture Solutions Limited is really praiseworthy. The most up-to-date web and reporting app development services that we have been looking for got from this organization. We expected the team to be friendly, active and experienced and our expectation got its true fact. Personally, I’ll recommend Venture Solutions Ltd. not because they’ve provided me the services I needed, for they have a dedicated and altruistic team. Pray and wish their successful journey.

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