Ezy Meeting is for your business

Calendar and Meeting Scheduler

From gathering meeting data, tracking meetings, and viewing important documents, it's the only scheduler you'll be needing for your workplace.

Dynamic Agenda Builder

The agenda builder helps the admin to create agendas quickly and smoothly with the help of the agenda template. The PDF agenda memos will be sync to the related committee members with just push of a button.

Secure and Share Your Documents

EzyMeeting is allowing the top-notch security for your valuable documents. Sync documents with your team members and never left out of any importance.

Voting and Discussion

Your team members can now contribute and share their decision. The voting data will highlight the importance of the meeting.

Never Stay Behind

Real-time notification from the system, email, and SMS meaning that you'll be up to date with all the information and schedules.

Easy to Use

The user-friendly graphical interface allows you to navigate smoothly and quickly in times of need. Supports multiple devices and mobile app allows you the full freedom of mobility.