1. Is EZYMEETING going to be expensive?

Our Silver Package starts at $10 per month, and it comes with 2 super admin users, 12 committee members. The Silver Package also comes with 3GB of storage and easy online or the mobile payment method. No transaction fees are included. The Gold Package starts from $20 a month. It includes 4 super admin users, 18 committee members, and 10GB storage. With the availability of mobile or online payment, there are no transaction fees are included. Platinum Package starts from $1000 per year and it includes 10 super admin users along with 50 committee members. The Platinum Package will give you 1TB of storage space. If you still wondering and having a hard time choosing the package, feel free to talk to our expertise.

2. Is there an On-Premises solution for EZYMEETING?

EZYMEETING is a cloud base solution. However, we understand that your institute might have different regulations regarding storing data. Feel free to contact our friendly support team.

3. Does EZYMEETING come with a mobile app?

Absolutely. The mobile app gives is tailor-made for the committee members and it provides the easy to use interface along with the mobility to contribute to your important meetings.

4. Why do I need EZYMEETING in my life?

To make your life easier. We know the importance of meeting-related data as well as mobility. With EZYMEETING, you now have all the essential in your hand.

5. What makes EZYMEETING stands out from other similar solutions?

EZYMEETING is designed to be simple, easy-to-use, and secured data transactions. EZYMEETING solution is also fully customizable and the customization comes with a reasonable price compared to other available solutions.